Welcome To SQL Database Programming For The Absolute Beginner

Are you ready to learn database programming?

Great! Let's get started. This training site has been designed for my students at Santiago Canyon College in Orange, CA.


 Where to start?

1. Get Visual Studio 2017 and do a custom install. Be sure to select SQL Express and SQL Data Tools along with your favorite languages.

2. Check out my SQL training videos here.

3. Check out these other database resources.

4. My CS131 data structures course will show you how to get started.


What can I Learn?

On this site, I have compiled lessons for teaching you how to create a SQL database inside your Visual Studio project. That way, your database goes with your project. You will also learn how to run your database on your local SQL server development environment which gives you a feel for what it will be like to become a DBA (database administrator) or database programmer. Finally, I will show you how to work with remote databases. This is the closest I can get you to Cloud computing in the classroom.

CS 131 Projects:

1. Cloud Computing Demo: Here is a SQL database running on a SQL server in LA. Click here to work with it.

2. Check out these other database resources.

Check out my programming site at Learn2Code.Biz for other resources.

Series 1: Getting Started With Programming:

Series 2:

Intermediate VB
Series 3:

Introduction to C#

Database Programming:

Visual Studio Resources:

Developer Tools:

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